A moment you’re near
The next you’re far.
Mystery farther than a shooting star.

A moment we’re lovers
The next we’re strangers.
Mystery no one could unravel us.

A moment I laugh
The next I cry.
Mystery none of us could lie.

A moment you touch
The next you stab.
Mystery I never knew what you had.

A moment you whisper
The next you scream.
Mystery always been unseen.

A moment I write
The next I tear.
Mystery I could never share.


Hidden emotions.

That longing,
Of your closeness.
The deep desire
To grasp your hands.
Becoming one
With our bodies entangled.
Been so close,
Yet stopping ourselves
For fear of it being wrong.
Fear of losing each other,
I really don’t know
Me, just scared to detach.
I know that one kiss
Which would forever,
Clear the fog
Show us what’s true.
Afraid to look up
Not wanting it to happen
For the taste of your lips,
May now become my craving.
Push myself away,
Never getting that close
You may not understand
But the butterflies mean much more.



This is the first poem I’ve tried writing without a rhyme scheme…just something different. 🙂


She looks up at the sky, wandering
As she treads upon the crisp leaves
In the summer breeze,
Searching for answers to her relentless thoughts
Why does this world
seem so lost,
Are memories all we live for?
Neither can we foresee what lies ahead,
Nor can we change what has already been.
She gazes at the little girl,
Prancing, with silvery laughter
It seemed so familiar
Once it had been her,
Now has faded into oblivion.
All she cherishes are the memories,
She fears they too may end here,
Etched deep within her heart.


Just for you.

20140116-102348 pm.jpg

Waking up to you
Makes my day shine bright
I think it’s true
You can make things right
Even a hi how are you
Makes me fly up in the sky
I do think it’s true
Cause I can’t see you cry
Can u just listen to me?
Listen to me for a while?
There’s something for you to see
Not just one, but a pile
All this is for you
Cause baby you are special
I want you to get through
Get through, with a smile like an angel
Is this all some new style?
Or does it come just once in a while?
Whatever, don’t be sad
As you always say, be glad
Look into the future
Look who can get closer
Until then I’ll be here
Trying to fight away all your fears…