Give me a smile,
I’ll make you laugh
Give me a reason,
I’ll be your other half
Give me a signal, 
I’ll show you the way
Give me some hope,
I’ll know what to say
Give me a part,
I’ll make it whole
Give me your thoughts,
I’ll play my role

Don’t give me your silence,
I’ll lose my mind
Don’t push away,
You never know what you’ll find

Give me your dreams,
I’ll make them come true
Give me your desires,
I’ll fulfil them for you
Give me your words,
I’ll not forget them ever
Give me your love,
I’ll be yours forever. 


Need another chance.

Give me some hope
But I think I can cope.
I know I have no more
Right now, I am just sore.
That little girl who made you proud
Standing with her head high in the cloud
I just need another chance,
To get that little girl back
I know you have already given me a hundred to attack
But just one more
Could save me , from hitting the floor
Pain, tears, scream and dread
That’s not what the girl wanted.
Thank you for everything
From the clothes to the golden ring
What I regret, is that I cannot pay you back.
How much ever I try, I know I lack.
Life changes, some don’t understand
All I need is just another chance.
I know it’s my fault,
Asked for too many, got too many
But is it really too late to be able to earn a penny?
Why does it all depend on goddamn numbers,
Why can’t life just be all smiles and flowers?
Perhaps my kids would have gotten the chance
But now that I say goodbye rants,
All I can hope is for my friends to dance and
Have my dreams fulfilled so good
I could look from above and know where I stood.