A moment you’re near
The next you’re far.
Mystery farther than a shooting star.

A moment we’re lovers
The next we’re strangers.
Mystery no one could unravel us.

A moment I laugh
The next I cry.
Mystery none of us could lie.

A moment you touch
The next you stab.
Mystery I never knew what you had.

A moment you whisper
The next you scream.
Mystery always been unseen.

A moment I write
The next I tear.
Mystery I could never share.


Small words.

Treaded and Wilted.
Wake Up and Bloom
Forever may come Soon.

Though I feel the shiver
That when you trace
The lines on my finger
Not knowing the pace
Hidden behind my whisper
In your eyes, no longer
Do I see my mirror.
Had it been there ever?

Hidden emotions.

That longing,
Of your closeness.
The deep desire
To grasp your hands.
Becoming one
With our bodies entangled.
Been so close,
Yet stopping ourselves
For fear of it being wrong.
Fear of losing each other,
I really don’t know
Me, just scared to detach.
I know that one kiss
Which would forever,
Clear the fog
Show us what’s true.
Afraid to look up
Not wanting it to happen
For the taste of your lips,
May now become my craving.
Push myself away,
Never getting that close
You may not understand
But the butterflies mean much more.



Give me a smile,
I’ll make you laugh
Give me a reason,
I’ll be your other half
Give me a signal, 
I’ll show you the way
Give me some hope,
I’ll know what to say
Give me a part,
I’ll make it whole
Give me your thoughts,
I’ll play my role

Don’t give me your silence,
I’ll lose my mind
Don’t push away,
You never know what you’ll find

Give me your dreams,
I’ll make them come true
Give me your desires,
I’ll fulfil them for you
Give me your words,
I’ll not forget them ever
Give me your love,
I’ll be yours forever. 

This love is mine, forever with you.

Wish I could play guitar and sing my songs :/ Too bad I’m not good with instruments or with singing.

Look up in the sky see the stars shining down upon us,
And now I know this love is mine, forever.
It’s blue, bluer than when you’re low
And those endless heights now show,
This love is mine, forever.
The place in my heart is fixed with your letter.
Show me now what you got,
Inside your mind.
Promise that you’ll tell me what you find.
They say the grass is greener on the other side,
But I’m afraid it’s all a big lie
All I need now is to know that it is true,
And this love is mine, forever, with you. ~


The dream away ~

Here’s a song I wrote a while ago…


She’s comin closer to the dream away,
She’s thinkin would there be any day
When he would come up to her and say.
Girl you’re better than all I know
Maybe I just couldn’t show
But now I know what’s dear to me
Babe you’re the only one I wanna see .

She’s runnin’ to the voice she knows
It calls her towards home
She’s still thinkin would there be any day
When he would come up to her and say,
Girl come into my arms I’ve held out
Only for you, yeah my breath stops
No one’s ever made me feel this way
I finally know what I gotta say .

She’s sitting on the bench all alone
Crying, yet a smile is shown
All those words in her head are,
Nothing more than a wish she said.

She’s drifting from the dream away
‘Cause she knows there wouldn’t be a day
All he would ever come and say, is
Girl you aren’t the only one
I’ve played a million, you’re just one.
I cannot pretend anymore,
You better run before I roar.

She wipes her tears, slowly away
In the twilight, wishes he was there
Holds herself tight, doesn’t look back
Head up, start fresh doesn’t care what she lacks.

Yeaah girl don’t care what he say
Push all your dreams, now away
Don’t look back, he is gone.
There’s better waiting for you later on.

Don’t look back, it doesn’t matter
The ones you need are right here.
Now put up a smile on that pretty face
You’re a princess, nothing less.

She’s coming closer to a dream away..
This one’s different, one can say

She’s coming closer to a dream away..
It’s got a better ending, one can saay. ~



This is the first poem I’ve tried writing without a rhyme scheme…just something different. 🙂


She looks up at the sky, wandering
As she treads upon the crisp leaves
In the summer breeze,
Searching for answers to her relentless thoughts
Why does this world
seem so lost,
Are memories all we live for?
Neither can we foresee what lies ahead,
Nor can we change what has already been.
She gazes at the little girl,
Prancing, with silvery laughter
It seemed so familiar
Once it had been her,
Now has faded into oblivion.
All she cherishes are the memories,
She fears they too may end here,
Etched deep within her heart.