Leaving An Imprint On Our Hearts.

It always amuses me how authors manage to bring out the beauty of even the simplest words.
So, I just finished reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Usually after I read the last word of any book, I just sit there for a while. Blank. Maybe trying to contemplate what I spent the past few hours reading. Or maybe just lost in the thoughts and feelings of the characters, forgetting that I actually exist in a different world, far away from them; trying to figure out the untold parts of the story. It does not even exist, but we are still so determined to find out the ending. To find out the answers to all the “what after?” and “what if’s?”. Most of the time, even though the author gives a good ending to the book, we still have so many questions left unanswered. We still want to know more, we do not want it to end. As though the story is that of our closest friends, it leaves an imprint on our hearts for days, weeks, sometimes years or forever.
This is the beauty of good writing. It makes us wonder. Makes us think, makes us laugh, makes us cry, arouses more emotions in us than we probably ever had during a real life incident.
Each book makes me wish I had been there, either as one of the characters, or just… there. Witnessing everything.
And then it makes me wish I could write that way. I wish I could create little worlds for people, like every author whose books I’ve read has done for me.
I wish I could bring out the beauty of words and make people fall in love with them.
Maybe I will be able to do that someday, maybe not.
Until then, I’m just going to get myself lost in the millions of books already written, waiting to open up another little world of imagination and emotions in the uneventful life of an intrigued reader.


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