Nothing special or different, but just an inspiration from the Weekly Writing Challenge, thought I should give it a try. I chose emptiness as ironically, though it’s empty, the image is filled with mysteries, secrets, and thoughts that may never be revealed or known.

20140203-093539 pm.jpg
He tries to look past the door,
But all he can see is darkness.
He’s been through so much more,
His heart too is filled with emptiness.
Just like that old wall,
Which will soon break and fall,
He struggles to see his goal
But his mind is no longer playing its role.
They left him shattered, emotionless,
This is what it feels like, now he knows what’s emptiness.
A hole in your heart, mind so dark,
Everything just seems apart.
Wish he could find his way,
Beyond that door and pray,
I would light a candle in his heart,
Fill that emptiness, and show him the path.


Image source: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/inspiration-images-1000-words/#more-68234



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