After long.

20140117-063034 pm.jpg

You called me up,
Just when I felt I had lost my luck.
Knowing you missed me when I was gone for a while,
Is more than enough, for me to smile.

My heart just flew towards your song,
Heard your voice after so long.

Hadn’t lifted my eyes up in days,
Cause I knew I wouldn’t be able to see your face.
Neither did you bother,
I thought I was just another.

You finally asked me what’s wrong,
I wanted to hug – it’s been so long.

I couldn’t even say I missed you all this time,
All I could say was I’ll talk to you later, I’m fine.
Though I know I’m tearing us apart,
Not letting you know the reason in my heart,
Thanks for showing me you care,
I love knowing that you will always be there.

Smile remembering your beautiful sound,
I’ll look back to this day after long ~


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