Need another chance.

Give me some hope
But I think I can cope.
I know I have no more
Right now, I am just sore.
That little girl who made you proud
Standing with her head high in the cloud
I just need another chance,
To get that little girl back
I know you have already given me a hundred to attack
But just one more
Could save me , from hitting the floor
Pain, tears, scream and dread
That’s not what the girl wanted.
Thank you for everything
From the clothes to the golden ring
What I regret, is that I cannot pay you back.
How much ever I try, I know I lack.
Life changes, some don’t understand
All I need is just another chance.
I know it’s my fault,
Asked for too many, got too many
But is it really too late to be able to earn a penny?
Why does it all depend on goddamn numbers,
Why can’t life just be all smiles and flowers?
Perhaps my kids would have gotten the chance
But now that I say goodbye rants,
All I can hope is for my friends to dance and
Have my dreams fulfilled so good
I could look from above and know where I stood.


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