I looked down and smiled at her. She was beautiful, a blurred vision, seeming so familiar. My tear rolled down, only to fall on her face and warp the comforting image. It dawned upon me that I had been gazing not at my reflection, but that of the lucent moon, wishing I was as perfect.

Beautifully ugly.

She clenched her fists and wrapped her arms around herself.

“You aren’t perfect. You’re far from it. You’re ugly. You’re useless.” he said, not stopping. “I regret having any  expectations from you.” He hit her again. 

She stood still, quivering, bare with nothing to cover her. Trying to understand where she had gone wrong. 

” You used to intrigue me, but now you don’t. You have nothing that would make me happy.” He hit her again. 

She now slowly unraveled and took a step forward. If he was going to die, he had to die knowing how it feels to be what he called ugly.

“What are you doing?” even while asking this profoundly, he couldn’t look at her.

“Showing you what’s ugly.”

She opened one of her hands to expose a blade that had been piercing through her fingers since hours.
She held his arm with her other hand, which was as red as a poisoned apple, and took him to where he could see his reflection.

He was suddenly numb. All his words had already escaped his now dry throat. He felt fear, something he never felt until this moment.

She drew lines wildly, not quivering anymore.
First his hands.
Then his stunning chest that was his pride.
The side of his neck.
And saved the last for his face.

“You’re ugly now too.”

With these words, she collapsed on the ground, an odd smile on her face. Odd, yet beautiful.
But she never knew.


A moment you’re near
The next you’re far.
Mystery farther than a shooting star.

A moment we’re lovers
The next we’re strangers.
Mystery no one could unravel us.

A moment I laugh
The next I cry.
Mystery none of us could lie.

A moment you touch
The next you stab.
Mystery I never knew what you had.

A moment you whisper
The next you scream.
Mystery always been unseen.

A moment I write
The next I tear.
Mystery I could never share.

Leaving An Imprint On Our Hearts.

It always amuses me how authors manage to bring out the beauty of even the simplest words.
So, I just finished reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Usually after I read the last word of any book, I just sit there for a while. Blank. Maybe trying to contemplate what I spent the past few hours reading. Or maybe just lost in the thoughts and feelings of the characters, forgetting that I actually exist in a different world, far away from them; trying to figure out the untold parts of the story. It does not even exist, but we are still so determined to find out the ending. To find out the answers to all the “what after?” and “what if’s?”. Most of the time, even though the author gives a good ending to the book, we still have so many questions left unanswered. We still want to know more, we do not want it to end. As though the story is that of our closest friends, it leaves an imprint on our hearts for days, weeks, sometimes years or forever.
This is the beauty of good writing. It makes us wonder. Makes us think, makes us laugh, makes us cry, arouses more emotions in us than we probably ever had during a real life incident.
Each book makes me wish I had been there, either as one of the characters, or just… there. Witnessing everything.
And then it makes me wish I could write that way. I wish I could create little worlds for people, like every author whose books I’ve read has done for me.
I wish I could bring out the beauty of words and make people fall in love with them.
Maybe I will be able to do that someday, maybe not.
Until then, I’m just going to get myself lost in the millions of books already written, waiting to open up another little world of imagination and emotions in the uneventful life of an intrigued reader.

Hidden emotions.

That longing,
Of your closeness.
The deep desire
To grasp your hands.
Becoming one
With our bodies entangled.
Been so close,
Yet stopping ourselves
For fear of it being wrong.
Fear of losing each other,
I really don’t know
Me, just scared to detach.
I know that one kiss
Which would forever,
Clear the fog
Show us what’s true.
Afraid to look up
Not wanting it to happen
For the taste of your lips,
May now become my craving.
Push myself away,
Never getting that close
You may not understand
But the butterflies mean much more.



Give me a smile,
I’ll make you laugh
Give me a reason,
I’ll be your other half
Give me a signal, 
I’ll show you the way
Give me some hope,
I’ll know what to say
Give me a part,
I’ll make it whole
Give me your thoughts,
I’ll play my role

Don’t give me your silence,
I’ll lose my mind
Don’t push away,
You never know what you’ll find

Give me your dreams,
I’ll make them come true
Give me your desires,
I’ll fulfil them for you
Give me your words,
I’ll not forget them ever
Give me your love,
I’ll be yours forever.